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Fungal Keratitis

What is Fungal Keratitis?
The eye is made up of many parts that are extremely delicate in nature. This is why we should treat our eyes with the utmost care and keep them safe. Keratitis refers to the infection caused in the cornea which is the clear membrane that covers the color part of the eye and plays a huge role in vision.

Fungal Keratitis as the name suggests is caused by fungal infections in the cornea. This could be because of multiple reasons but an injury to the eye or contact lenses are the most common reasons for fungal keratitis. It causes the corona to swell up and is most common in tropical or subtropical areas. It is also called a fungal corneal ulcer. Fungal keratitis is extremely common in India, especially in south India and if left untreated then fungal keratitis can lead to loss of vision as well.

Fungal Keratitis Symptoms
Eye pain
Eye redness
Discharge from the eyes
Blurry vision
Sensitivity to light
Excess tearing
In case any of these are experienced then there is a chance that you may have fungal keratitis eye infection and one must rush to their eye doctor immediately to check for fungal keratitis. Fungal Keratitis can cause vision loss or blindness if left untreated.

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